15 Apr Why this bottle of whisky costs more than $60,000, and what it tastes like

Dalmore, the Highland distillery in Scotland, has just released the limited bottling to celebrate master distiller Richard Paterson’s 50th anniversary in the whisky business. It’s a bottle whose journey from still to glass spans more than 50 years and involves four different types of casks from four countries, and a more than $60,000 price tag.

And this isn’t the distillery’s most expensive bottle, not by far. There’s a 12-bottle Paterson collection that costs $1.2 million and a couple of 62- and 64-year-old bottles that will run more than $100,000 a piece.

But the Dalmore 50 Year Old is a single malt Paterson has been working toward for the last 50 years, one that he has personally styled, and something he likes to call “liquid gold.”

“It is handled like a baby, like a child,” said Paterson, who on a recent trip to Asia brought a pair of white gloves with him to handle a bottle. “It needs to be revered in the proper way. I would hate to think this would be drunk with ice — or lemonade.”

The Dalmore 50 Year Old single malt started in American white oak ex-bourbon casks from the Missouri Ozarks in 1966. Then in 2013, the whisky was transferred to Matusalem Oloroso sherry casks from Jerez de la Frontera in Spain. In 2012, the whisky was put into Port Colheita pipes, then back to bourbon barrels in January 2016. It was finished in Domaine Henri Giraud Champagne casks for 50 days before bottling.

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