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Ben Morley

Ben Morley

Chief Operating Officer

The Whisky Corporation

Ben Morley is the Chief Operating Officer of The Whisky Corporation. He joined the company as Portfolio Director before transitioning to the role of Senior Portfolio Director, using his extensive network and experience to grow the business over the last few years.

Ben began his career at The Financial Times in London, building interest and knowledge in the Financial Markets. He spent the next few years broadening his network and skills as a trader in Europe, before heading to Southeast Asia where he was approached by a startup company to lead an Alternative Investment Market (AIM) team.

After a rewarding experience working with a variety of alternative investments, his passion for Scotch whisky eventually led him to join The Whisky Corporation.

Based in Singapore, Ben will oversee the expansion of the business in Singapore, building a team of Senior Portfolio Directors and providing client counsel to The Whisky Corporation’s Singapore clientele.

Steve Notman

Steve Notman

Chief Whisky Advisor

The Whisky Corporation

Steve Notman is the Chief Whisky Advisor to The Whisky Corporation, assisting with sourcing and positioning.

At the age of 27, Steve became the youngest serving Keeper of the Quaich in the world, joining the ranks of an exclusive international community recognised for outstanding commitment to Scotch whisky.

Mentored by some of Scotland’s leading Master Blenders and Distillers including Whyte and Mackay's Richard Paterson, he has received high commendations from Scotland’s former First Minister Alex Salmond and the current incumbent, The Hon. Nicola Sturgeon.

Joining the whisky industry with the guidance of his father at the age of 17, Steve originally worked at a leading whisky-packaging company. In 2009, he officially launched Whisky Live Shanghai and Taipei, where both festivals grew firmly established after five years under his stewardship, with Whisky Live Taipei emerging as the world’s largest whisky festival in the world.

Steve is considered one of Greater China's leading independent voices on whisky and in 2013, he launched China Whisky Guide, the first whisky app in Chinese scoring all legally imported whisky into China out of score of 100, and a market-leading channel of whisky information.

The following year, he launched Whisky L! Shanghai & Beijing, with 2015 seeing the re-entry into the Taiwan market. In 2016, Steve and his team continued to bring innovation by aligning 30 bars across Shanghai and nine whiskey brands for the World Whisky Day Celebration, effectively resulting in reaching out to over 30,000 new and established whisky lovers.

Steve works actively with the Scottish government to promote Scotch whisky in Mainland China, along with the Scotch Whisky Association and leading Scotch whisky brands for whisky mentorship, protection and training. He is an editorial contributor for China's only trade drinks magazine, DRiNK, and has represented China on the World Whisky Awards judging panel, as well as an IWSC Spirits Hong Kong & global judge.

Steve currently resides in Greater China where he has lived for nine years.

George Grant

George Grant

Sales Director

Glenfarclas Distillery

George Grant is the sixth generation successor of the Glenfarclas family distillery and the company's Sales Director.

Prior to joining the family business in 2000, George worked with another distiller, as well as the Glenfarclas distributor in Hong Kong; Fine Vintages (Far East) Ltd.

George is passionate about Glenfarclas and particularly enjoys introducing whisky lovers to the older expressions of Glenfarclas, including those distilled by his grandfather and watched over by his father.

In 2006, Glenfarclas was named 'Distiller of the Year' by the Whisky Magazine for 'being consistently good and staying true to its core values', recognising the family’s commitment to quality and traditions of the whisky trade.

John Rhodes

John Rhodes


The Whisky Corporation

John’s interest in whisky turned professional after an encounter with a single cask whisky – a turning point that led him to the Aroma Academy in the United Kingdom, and its methodology of training the nose to awaken the senses.

This marked the start of John’s deeper journey into the world of whisky and its varied expressions from around the world.

Having spent a number of years growing up in Edinburg, John was no stranger to Scotland’s liquid gold. However, he found it a challenge to pull out the aromas and flavours of the world’s most complex spirit. This led to frustration but also to a commitment to learn what made the flavour profiles in whisky, how could a younger whisky possibly taste better than an older one, how can a lightly coloured liquid be stronger in flavour than a dark-coloured dram?

Curiosity led to education, in turn leading to experience. With experience came enjoyment, which eventually led to knowledge.

Combining his extensive experience within the crystal glass bottle industry, eye for detail and creative flair, John played a key role in the actualisation of the Glenfarclas Pagoda Trilogy series bottle design, as well as the creation of the world’s first magnetic decanter stopper.

Translating The Whisky Corporation’s philosophy into reality, he pushes the boundaries of design and beauty – enhancing and promoting the marriage of two perfect, prestigious products.

John currently resides in Hong Kong, where he has lived for over two decades.

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