Investors raise a glass to the price of whisky
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Investors raise a glass to the price of whisky

27 August 2017

We all need security for our money -and bottles and casks are becoming one of the safest places to keep it

As David Davis ends another day of intense Brexit negotiations, it would not be unreasonable for him to pour himself a glass of something smooth and reflect on his day.

The value of a glass of whisky is plain to see here – a chance to unwind as the ice slowly melts and the ‘Brexit Bulldog’ contemplates the week ahead in Brussels.

Back home, Brexit uncertainty means that businesses and individuals are keen to keep their investments safe. For companies, that can mean delaying expansions until things become clear and redirecting their money elsewhere.


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  • Number of Stakeholding Units Available

    10 5 3 15 1
  • Total Company
    Net Asset Value(SGD)

    $ 270,000.00 $ 270,000.00 $ 135,000.00 $ 135,000.00 $ 135,000.00
  • Discounted Asset Price

    $ 202,500.00 $ 202,500.00 $ 101,250.00 $ 101,250.00 $ 101,250.00
  • Annual Company Fees(SGD)
    *Payable 5 years in advance

    $ 150 *(pa) $ 150 *(pa) $ 150 *(pa) $ 150 *(pa) $ 150 *(pa)
  • Price Per Stakeholding

    $ 11,250.00 $ 11,250.00 $ 5,625.00 $ 5,625.00 $ 5,625.00


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