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The Whisky Show: Old & Rare

23 February 2019 11.30am-6.30pm Glasgow, UK

The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show: Old and Rare commend the universe of fine, uncommon and antique single malts and spirits, offering participants the opportunity to attempt exceptional, unrepeatable measures and to fashion drinking encounters and recollections to endure forever.

About The Show

The manner in which whisky has been created throughout the decades has changed significantly and the subsequent kind of Scotch whisky has mirrored these changes. The Whisky Show: Old and Rare are tied in with finding and praising these more seasoned styles and the every so often overlooked attributes from whisky’s celebrated past. From committed tasting masterclasses to one-on-one experiences with a portion of the world’s most educated authorities, pros, bar proprietors and autonomous bottlers, there will never be been a superior place or chance to find out about and appreciate these old bottlings.

In contrast to the larger part of other whisky celebrations, The Whisky Show: Old and Rare’s exhibitors are solely free organizations and gatherers from the universe of whisky. You’ll discover a portion of the world’s best whisky bars, shops, sales, and authorities all spoke to at this show. This is where the spotlight is especially on the general population and the item most importantly.

If it’s not too much trouble take note of: the ticket cost just incorporates section to the occasion, a tasting glass and a sit-down smorgasbord feast amid the occasion. All masterclasses and measures are excluded.

How Can It Work?

The show works like the world’s greatest whisky bar with measures accessible to buy by the 1cl pour. Measures fluctuate in cost depends upon the value of the bottle and may cost from a couple of pounds up to more than £100 for genuinely outstanding, stand-out old-fashioned malts. Our exhibitors will offer a wide determination of old-style measures at various value levels. Filling test containers to remove is allowed however should be settled upon by the exhibitor, who holds the privilege to deny clearance of tests.

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