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Scotch Whisky Weekend

25 January 2019

Occurring more than five days and harmonizing with the most Scottish of festivities, Burns Night (25 January), the scaled down celebration will make you attempt exceptional Scotch whisky mixed drinks in the best bars in London, and give you all that you have to think about the greatest and best Burns occasions around the local area. From the group behind London Cocktail Week, the Scotch Whisky Weekend is one of DrinkUp.London’s new   celebrations, facilitated in association with

The best news – a celebration go for Scotch Whisky Weekend is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The most effective method to get included:

The Mini Festival is partitioned into two sections – the Cocktail Tours and the Events Schedule.

Occasions Schedule:

There is a full calendar of occasions to look at as a major aspect of Scotch Whisky Weekend. A portion of these occasions are allowed to go to with your Festival Pass – others have a ticket cost connected, yet be guaranteed, these occasions are singled out by the DrinkUp group for being of the best substance and esteem. We’ll discharge the full occasions plan half a month ahead of time, and Festival Pass holders will get first look, so ensure you’ve joined.

The Cocktail Tours:

Each taking part setting will serve a bespoke Scotch Whisky Weekend mixed drink for the span of the celebration at a cost of just £6, you should simply streak your FREE celebration pass on the Drink Up. London application to get to. The visits are independently directed, and as long as the bars are open the beverages are accessible, so you can taste and investigate at your very own relaxation – regardless of whether that is hitting up an entire host of bars in a single night, or enjoying one every day.

What are despite everything you considering?? GO!! Get yours….

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