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Crowdfunding campaign for Barra Distillery started

6 January 2019

Financing whisky distilleries via crowdfunding is very popular in these days. Cotswolds and GlenWyvis have been very successful with their projects. Peter Brown has decided to seize the chance start a crowdfunding campaign to finance the construction of the planned Barra Distillery.

Not a completely new project

Insiders will prick up their ears: Barra? There was news concerning a Barra Distillery some years ago, wasn’t it? You don’t have to search for information, the homepage of the (planned) distillery presents three articles from 2009, that announce Peter Brown’s plans for a Barra distillery. Interested investors had the chance to pre-order casks, but then the project Barra Distillery seemed to have been put on ice because there hasn’t been any news for a long time. But now it looks like the project was kicked off again.

Details of the project whisky distillery on Barra

The description of the planned project, presented on the crowdfunding site, is already very detailed: The site near Upper Borve at the west coast of Barra, has already been aquired and planning permission was approved. The distillery will be community-owned. There is an own water source, the barley will be locally sourced. Forsyths will build the distillery system which will produce 26,000 liters annually. Once the whisky has been matured, it will only be released as single cask bottlings at cask strength.

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