Cheers! 'Holy Grail' bottle of 92-year-old single-malt whisky sells for world record £1.2MILLION - The Whisky Corporation
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Cheers! ‘Holy Grail’ bottle of 92-year-old single-malt whisky sells for world record £1.2MILLION

6 December 2018
  • 1926 bottle of Macallan highland whisky sold at Christie’s in London for £1.2m
  • The one-of-a-kind bottle was hand-painted by Irish mural artist Michael Dillon
  • After 60 years in an ex-sherry cask, it is the ‘finest scotch ever matured’

A bottle of 92-year-old whisky has sold for a world record price of £1,200,000. The single-malt scotch was produced in 1926 by revered distillery The Macallan in Moray in Scotland. It spent the next 60 years maturing in an ex-sherry cask before being bottled in limited number in 1986.

It is said to be the finest cask of whisky ever matured.

The 60 year old Macallan whisky, in a unique bottle hand-painted by Irish artist Michael Dillon and held here by Tim Triptree (pictured), Christie’s International Director of Wine, has sold at auction for a world record price of £1.2m

Peter Blake, the renowned artist behind the album cover for the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Italian painter Valerio Adami were asked to design a label for 12 bottles each.

One bottle with the Adami label sold earlier this year for a then-world-record price if £848,000.

But what is less well known is that Irish artist Michael Dillon commissioned and hand-painted a one-off bottle.

The unique ‘Holy Grail’ bottle sold at London’s Fortnum and Mason in 1999 for an unknown price.

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